Glowing Skin vs Makeup

How often have you experienced that after applying makeup your skin looks cakey, cracks up at places, your pores look big so on and so forth. No amount of makeup can cover the large number of blemishes and scars you have unless and until you don’t have healthy skin underneath. Therefore, the effort must be at improving the quality of your skin rather than stocking up on cosmetic products. Investing in skincare will not only reduce your spend on cosmetics it will improve the look of your makeup. Makeup will look more natural when applied. At parties or even a usual day at work demands different levels of makeup. Many women wear it all day and sometimes night too, which is fine as long as the skin beneath is resilient enough to hold and let the makeup not affect the health of the skin. A healthy, glowing skin and makeup go hand in hand. What blending is to makeup is what care is to skin. The right technique, the correct method make a huge difference. Here are the things you need to keep in mind. 1. Choose the right skincare routine for yourself, morning and night. Good suitable cleanser for your skin type, sunblock in the morning and a night cream to repair skin. 2. After choosing the right skincare routine, stick to it. Consistency is key 3. Consult a dermatologist if you have to medically treat some skin issues as some skin issues are a reflection of internal problems. 4. Ask the dermatologist, your skin type if you’re confused 5. Choose products or treatments according to your skin type 6. Expensive doesn’t mean good, choose quality 7. Occasionally or when at home give your skin a break, let me breath Following these steps will help you reach your desired skin. Also, do not forget the below : -- a.Sunblock b.Cleanser/Toner c.Night cream For oily skin, we need oil regulating cream (water based) For dry skin, deep moisturizing (oil based) For combination skin, should consider season & diet and a moderately oily cream [/pl_text] [/pl_col] [/pl_row]

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