Skin Problems during Quarantine

The general assumption that skin gets better if you are not going out and inside your home with no makeup, no sun damage and good eating. While what really happens is the opposite. For most of us, this is not the usual way of life. We are used to going out, sometimes in the sun, moving around, going about skin treatments or treating ourselves to facials every once in a while so on and so forth. 

Life has taken a three sixty degree turn and is unbelievably unpredictable these days which obviously takes a toll on your health and indirectly on your skin. What are the things we are neglecting and not considering while thinking where we are going wrong in our skincare.

  1. Eating Right and Less Often

Staying indoors can be confusing. The mind can play games and you may end up eating all the time.  Eat what your body requires and most importantly be mindful of what you are consuming.  Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits while ensuring there in protein intake too. Try detox drinks once in a while and cleanse your body of those unwanted toxins.  Eat if you’re hungry and not because of boredom. Eating unhealthy, processed food can cause you to breakout, dullness, pigmentation and not to forget weight gain. So, it’s highly recommended that you watch your eating.

  1. Drink Water, Smoothies & Juices

Drink more than you eat, staying indoors may not make you thirsty but hydration is the most important aspect of having a healthy skin. Drink up atleast 8 glasses of water, eat fruits and vegetables with high water content such as cucumber, celery,watermelon, sweet melen etc.

Water will leave your skin supple and moisturized from inside.

  1. Do not Stress

While it feels that we are all indoors and safe. However, the continuous outpour of news about the pandemic can add to our stress levels.  Therefore, keeping a tab on stress can prevent our skin from breaking out, dullness, dryness, and everything else that’s problematic.  While keeping yourself updated with news, do not over consume it. Watch funny videos, listen to positive and informative podcasts, vlogs etc. Look for positivity.

  1. Follow a Skincare routine

Wash your face, then use a toner and finally moisturize twice a day, make it a daily habit but don’t overdo it. Follow it up with homemade masks which suit your skin. Most of the facial masks are available in your kitchen, cucumber slices for dark circles, honey for acne scars, turmeric, lemon are some of the ingredients which can be easily found in your kitchen.

  5. Exercise

Sweat it out, exercise every day. This is the best time to form a healthy habit of exercising. Start with mild exercises and then move to heavy ones. Follow a youtube channel about exercising and instill this healthy way of living which is great for your body and skin.

  6. Change your linens frequently

Staying indoors can make one lazy, change bedsheets and pillow covers frequently so that you can get rid of dead cells that have accumulated on them. Have a cover on your sofa so that it can be washed frequently. This way you do not end up sleeping on or touching dirty places and then touching your face and spreading those germs.

7. Soak in some Sun

Vitamin D is essential to repair and rebuild the skin.  Open your window or stand in your balcony to soak in some sunlight for 30 minutes. The benefits of taking in adequate amount of sunlight is innumerous. 

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