Facial is a skin-rejuvenating procedure which involves the application of medical solution to the facial areas. Our dermatologists will analyze your skin characteristics and provide suitable medical solutions that help revitalize your skin without any side effects.  We are experts in providing these facial treatments:

Diamond Multi-Sensorial


Intensive lightening/correcting protocol for flawless skin.

Our diamond multi-sensorial facial helps in generating brighter and even skin tone right from the first session. It instantly hydrates and soothes and dramatically reduces the existing spots on the surface of the skin and further prevents the formation of new spots. You can immediately see a luminous glow after the treatment, and your results cumulate after each session.

Diamond Whitening

An effective global anti-ageing treatment with immediate and firming effect.

Diamond whitening facials are very useful in getting eternally youthful flawless skin. Compared to other exfoliants, diamond facials offer a long-lasting exfoliating impact on your skin. With regular application of diamond whitening solution, you can achieve wrinkle-free and spotless skin.


Deep cleanses and detoxifies while relieving stress-A beauty cure.

Our cure facial detoxifies, deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.

As a result, you will get oxygenated and clarified picture-perfect skin tone.


De-stresses, restores a healthy glow-A true oxygen treat for the skin.

We offer oxygen facial treatment for luminous and even skin tone. You can lighten your dark spots, keep your skin deeply hydrated and revitalized even with one application.

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